The Rainbow Rainmate

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The Rainbow Rainmate

The new Rainmate illuminated is the famous Rainbow vacuum Aromatherapy machine, now with internal LEDs, aromatize your home and work as a night lamp. it is designed to be portable and very light, and because the flexible material it is very resistant to falls.

Leave the aromatherapy running all day long with your favorite Rainbow Fragrance, so when you get your home, you will feel like you are in a personal spa, you can use any of our 10 differents regular scents or the special luxury collection.

Rainmate vs Humidifier

If you use it with the eucalyptus fragrance or our exclusive Eucalyptus with menthol scent, it will treat your room and medicate the air, making easy and better to breath just like a humidifier,and in contrast to a humidifier, it  do not warm the air, so you can walk in and out the room without temperatures changes that could cause more breathing problems.


  • Because the low power consumption feature, you can leave your “aromatherapy” running for long periods of time.
  • Come in 2 differents colors, Black and Ivory.
  • Low intensity LED lights for night lamp function.
  • 3 switch settings, off position, on with light and on without lights.
  • Very portable design.
  • Water basin made of a flexible plastic.
  • Easy to clean and maintenance.

Differences between models

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