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ANIMAKER – FREE 2D ANIMATED VIDEO CREATION SOFTWARE Video Assets, Templates, Tutorials, Transition Effects and More!

Video is still all-the-rage in online marketing and making your own videos is easier than ever!

Most people refer to programs like

Did you know you can make an AWESOME, animated video in seconds?!

Here’s what you get…

– Free animated video creation software app
– 40+ templates in 6 subject categories
– 9 characters to choose from
– Over 100 animated props and backgrounds — or upload your own, for free!
– Maps and charts to show data in visual format to engage, educate or influence your audience
– Animated numbers to help show level changes (numbers moving up or down)
– Text pre-builts – you get over 20 “sexy” pre-built typography call-outs you can edit or use your own!
– Animate your videos with the multi-move, Bezier curve tool or record tool (this changes expression) as much or little as you like!
– Camera effects can make video dramatically stand out. Zoom in/out and unique pan mode features you won’t find anywhere else will make your videos come-to-life.
– Transition effects – over 20 in/out effects to use with characters and props plus 6 additional effects for scene transitions!
– Special effects bring a whole new dimension to your video. You get everything from fire and tornado effects to abstract animations like paint splash, for example. Special effects are great for intro videos and are powerful, so they should be used sparingly.
– Add audio to your cartoon video. You’ll have lots of options. And it’s free. Access the royalty-free sound effects and background scores that will be music to your ears in their audio library or record directly in the app or upload your voiceover.
– Export your cartoon video file: Upload directly to YouTube or download to your computer or other device
– Click the “Slideshow” icon to have your animated video viewed before an audience as a presentation deck!

Well, this isn’t new but I’m here to remind you, there is a site where you can get free, 2-D animation software (with all the assets and “how-to” tutorials you need) to create your own marketing, e-learning and video sales letter videos.

I’m using the word “cartoon” loosely because there are 9 drawn characters to choose from but you can utilize these “cartoon” assets in powerful ways to make serious, non-comic content more “relatable” and easier to consume and understand because people of all ages now watch (or grew up watching) those popular Saturday morning cartoons. These types of videos have a way of relaxing the viewer and making them more receptive to the content.

You can go here to read more!!

GET STARTED: click here OR HERE: click here

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