How We Work

Because with our expertise and your creativity we make the ultimate partnership! We can deliver great results at affordable prices in short timeframes.

With over 15+ years being in business, and creating hundreds of sites – our geeks have honed a 5-step process that’s efficient, seamless, and actually fun! (Totally unbiased, of course) Just check out some of our Reviews from our clients or browse our portfolio!

Our Process

We follow a simple roadmap to success


We listen and analyse your requirements.

We’ll ask any queries and create the scope of work.


We’ll then supply an estimate and project timeline for you to review and confirm.


Designs are created based on any supplied design guidelines and the current market standards, as well as input from our skilled designers.

Better user experience

Designs incorporate both ease of use and attractive UI for an exceptional user experience.


Development starts when the designs are finalized and we deploy our best developers to make sure you get the desirable results.

Agile management

During development the project is used and tested by you, all feedback is built into the project.


We perform UAT Testing and ensure compliance with the various standards to ensure a quality product.


We launch the product, setup the live services and retest to ensure all is working.


Our project manager works with you to understand your business, review other websites that inspire you, and identify your online business goals. Now that we’ve got a clear grasp on your brand, our crafty designers work to develop an initial design concept for you to review and give feedback on. Once we’ve got a killer website design that you love, we work on building out the rest of your website.


Now that we’ve got your 100% custom-designed website built, it’s time for you to get to play with it! We move it to a temporary website location so you can see how it looks and feels on your desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. Of course, all our designs are responsive.


Now’s the time to update the copy on your temporary site, and make sure that all the core features and functions are working properly. From your shopping cart, event calendar, membership system, or any other custom function – we make sure it works well before moving it live to your domain. It’s important to us that you have a site that’s not only jaw-dropping, but truly drives the results you’re looking for.


3…2…1…go live! The website is now launched and ready for the world to see. But we don’t just hand over the site and leave ya in the dark. We provide exclusive, one-on-one training to make sure you know how to update your site’s content, add new products, process orders, or any other day-to-day management tasks you need to be comfortable with.


Back to leaving ya in the dark – we don’t. We always provide 30 days of support after your website is live. We like to make extra sure both our clients, and their customers, are happy.