How to use Social Media Networking Sites for Businesses

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How to use Social Media Networking Sites for Businesses

Do you own or manage a business and find it challenging to attract new customers?

In our modern world, it is very difficult to find new customers and clients. There’s a lot of competition!

If you own a business, you should think about how customers find you. Luckily, there are many ways to reach potential customers! A few platforms that could help you are what we call “Social Media Networking Sites”.

Social media is the interaction of people through networks. What’s good about that? Well, it is one of the best ways to reach customers! Every business today makes itself known through networking sites. Do you know why? Because almost everyone is using these sites!

Research tells us that 53% of business leaders who use social networking sites for their strategies are experiencing growth in their business. Yes! It’s true. And many of the social networking sites are connected through people’s mobile phones and emails. Another advantage is that you can even find customers and contact them through SMS and Emails.

Since we are talking business with social media, let me introduce you the word “Social Media Marketing”. This is one way to market your business, services or products through Social media.

Social media marketing also benefits mobile marketing. Why? Most mobile phones are capable of displaying social networks. How does this work? If a mobile phone is connected to the users’ social media accounts, advertisements are always on display.

Here are some of the Social Networking sites that can really benefit your business:


This is the most popular social networking site today because billions of people are already signed up.

Facebook also has a feature that is specially designed for businesses.

One of the features is called “Facebook Page for Businesses”. Using this feature, you can build a relationship with customers and you can even use it to promote your business.

On Facebook, you can also do other promotional activities, such as posting pictures and videos, launching a new product, hosting an event, and even sharing what is on your mind.

Here are some tips on what to post on your page:
Do you know what it means when people ‘like’ your page? It is as if they are saying “Hey! I am interested in your business and I want to know what’s going on.”

You have to make sure to post only quality and relevant topics about your business. This will ensure your fans do not get bored on your page.

Another feature is called Facebook Ads. In this feature, you are paying Facebook for advertising your page or products. Facebook ads lets you choose the location, age and gender of the fans that you would prefer to “like” your page. In short, Facebook can help you in terms of targeting your customers and needs.


So what is YouTube? YouTube is a networking site that focuses on “Videos”.

You can create videos, then upload and share them. Today, YouTube is also one of the most popular networking sites you can find on the internet.

If you are a businessman or woman, I believe you already understand the impact videos can have in marketing your business. People prefer watching videos about your products rather than reading about them.

You can even become a tool of your own company by creating a video about yourself and why your company is better than the rest. By harnessing a personal touch, customers tend to be more comfortable with you and your company.

YouTube also has many ways to market business through videos. Did you know that you can post YouTube videos via Facebook? Combining the features of Facebook with your videos on YouTube will surely increase the visibility and influence of your business. YouTube can also be used to push someone towards your website by creating teasers about your product, and this could lead people to visit your site in order to learn more.


This social networking platform primarily focuses on “Photos”. This platform allows you to create a page where you can upload,  and save and sort an image to what they call a  “Pinterest Board.” Pinterest boards consist of all the photos you have pinned – either uploaded or from sites around the Internet realm.

Pinterest is used as a tool for businesses and individuals for their photos (profiles, products, etc.). If you are familiar with what is called “Store Front,” Pinterest is very similar. It’s a photographic listing of your products.

There’s been substantial studies conducted which have determined that Pinterest has proven to be more effective in driving sales when compared to other social networking platforms.


Profile posts here are called “Tweets.”

Why is it so popular? On Twitter, you can track millions of people and follow them, allowing you to see what they are posting, talking about and what they have posted regarding your interests.

Twitter limits your tweets to only 140 characters. The character limit promotes the use of cleverness to create focused content. You can use Twitter as a marketing tool to provide advertisements or knowledge about your products or services and to inform your followers what are you up to.

These are just some of the social networking platforms that can help you and your business. You have to provide good service and have a good relationship with your users, along with providing them with interesting content and accurate knowledge about your products and business.

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