15 Work From Home Jobs That Pay $15+ an Hour

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15 Work From Home Jobs That Pay $15+ an Hour

Just because you work from home, it doesn’t mean you have to work for less money. In fact, many remote jobs offer competitive pay and good benefits.

Here are 15 online jobs that pay at least $15 an hour.

  1. AAA — Remote Member Contact Sales Specialists. Get paid $15 an hour, as well as monthly bonuses, as a part-time work from home member contact sales specialist for the auto club company AAA.
  2. Wellthy — Work at Home Care Advisors. This healthcare concierge service company is hiring for remote home care advisors. These positions pay up to $22 an hour and include a free computer.
  3. Smith.ai — Virtual Receptionists. Smith.ai is hiring for both full-time and part-time remote receptionist positions that pay $15 an hour. These jobs also come with flexible schedules.
  4. Underdog Sports — Work at Home Product Operations Associate. If you are a big sports fanatic who is really knowledgeable about fantasy sports, then you can earn $15 an hour as a part-time virtual product operations associate for Underdog Sports.
  5. Speakeasy Authority Marketing — Work at Home Spanish Bilingual Customer Service Rep. If you are fluent in Spanish, then you can earn $18 an hour fielding customer service calls for Speakeasy Authority Marketing.
  6. Benetech — Remote Customer Support Specialist. You can earn up to $33 an hour as a work from home customer support specialist for the education technology company Benetech.
  7. Pride Products Distributors LLC — Remote Client Services Associate. Earn $45,000 a year ($22/hour) assisting clients and order processing managers to help ensure the best client experience.
  8. Meomind Inc — Freelance Mental Health Advocate. If you have empathy and a passion for helping those with mental health struggles, you can earn $30 an hour with this remote freelance mental health gig.
  9. Conduent — Work From Home Customer Service Representative. Earn $15 an hour as a virtual healthcare call center advocate. The job also comes with medical benefits and paid time off.
  10. Vinali Staffing — Remote Help Desk Technician. If you have a background in tech support and have previously worked on a help desk, you can make $15 an hour as a work from home help desk tech for clients of Vinali Staffing. The position also comes with benefits like health insurance, 401(k), and paid time off.
  11. CJC Investments LLC — Remote Data Entry Technician. If you are a skilled typist, you can earn up to $24 an hour as a full-time work from home data entry tech/typist for CJC Investments.
  12. Sivantos Inc — Remote Customer Solutions Specialist. Another virtual customer service role that pays $48,000 a year ($24/hour). The full-time position also comes with excellent benefits like medical insurance, 401(k) with matching, and paid time off.
  13. Liberty University Online — Remote Academic Advisors. Earn $17 an hour as a full-time academic advisor with the online enrollment team at Liberty University. The position comes with good benefits like health insurance, 401(k), and paid time off.
  14. Amex — Work From Home Travel Consultant. Amex is hiring virtual travel consultants as part of its travel and lifestyle services team for 2023. These remote jobs pay up to $26 an hour.

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